Socialitation between internet connection

Well guys long time i don’t touch my one of my blog…

This the fave one on my wordpress, yeahh bz bz bz bz.. that i have to say in my daily activity and i do realy missed to writing more..

I am thinking now.. i love to writing about some of the people like to socialiation through the internet with the group of connection let say,,,, and hundred more.. The questions are, what do provit we’ve got from all kind of things?

Maybe yes.. we can make it one profit to do with all the internet connection by doing meet new people and get comunication with them even you are shy, brave, quite, attractive, calm guys in you are real life, but you will be more expression to talk with them because aren’t directly face to face. And also you can sahre any the interested way that maybe you have the same interested also telling about the bussiness that each other has..

For me especially i have two socialitation connection group in the internet, the most i like is friendster. Recently i’m trying the facebook because many of my friends join in. So it is nothing wrong if i try of the FB stand from Face Book.

Once when i am trying FB, Wow so many applications… Duhhh confused me, But i am learning to do with these application and lately… i like it.. well ya it is more then my friendster account…

So with this group i meet some new friends and all of them are real not fake ๐Ÿ™‚ You know somehow the most of profile on one group internet connection give fake profile and sometimes they made fraud and that’s called dangerous sign, so stay away with that attitude!

With this socialitation actualy i have more give publication about my business and my website link for them to viewing what i have in my job. So through this i can get my provit to meet new people and to advertising my business. It is Okay, isn’t it? Better we do without any cost.

So… doing a good things result the best things. How about you? So let’s try to publication yourself with safe way ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy week days guys…

Welcome and join the socialitation

Welcome and join the socialitation


~ by yfred on July 10, 2008.

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